‘Perfume of the Mountain Grass’ *

It’s not my music and I would never have heard it but for the wonderful Annika Perry. I’m so glad I stopped to listen to the two songs she’s put on her post. They’re not really that musical but the words are transforming. Ed Sheeran is a great writer. Read Annika’s post and enjoy!

Annika Perry's Writing Blog


An unassuming man writes unassuming songs with such power and poetry that he’s single-handedly dominating the UK music charts with 14 of his songs in the UK top 15.

EDEd Sheeran, a Yorkshire lad, grew up in a village not far away and it was his ‘Castle on the Hill’ that first grabbed my attention with his signature style of telling a story of his youth, simple and straight forward but beneath the surface a soulful and profound message.

Quickly other songs on the album grew on me but ‘Castle on the Hill’ stayed with me and when I learned it was only an hour’s drive away a visit was planned. I just hoped it wouldn’t disappoint.

The predicted hour became a long meandering two-hour journey through quaint villages, thatched houses centuries old hugging the roadside. Soon other houses took on bold and vibrant hues, painted in ochre, startling orange…

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